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  • Long Entry Signal Reference, Short Entry Signal Reference - set a reference to a signal. only used with automated trading mode
  • ATR Reference - reference to a the ATR study subgraph. Used to calculate stop and target locations as multiples of the ATR
  • Trading Window Start Time, Trading Window End Time - set trading times. In automated mode, the bot will only enter trades during these times
  • Trade $ Risk - the max amount of risk to take per trade
  • Target Settings
    • Target 1 Enabled, Target 1 Multiplier
    • Target 2 Enabled, Target 2 Multiplier
    • Target 3 Enabled, Target 3 Multiplier
  • Stop Multiplier
  • Strategy Name
  • Widget Initial Location on the Chart - when a chart is loaded, sets the initial location of the trade panel
  • Trailing Stop Enabled
  • Trailing Stop Trigger
  • Trailing Stop Trigger ATR Multiplier
  • Trailing Stop Offset (in Ticks)
  • Move to Breakeven Enabled
  • Move to Breakeven Trigger
  • Move to Breakeven ATR Multiplier
  • Move to Breakeven Offset

Stop Logic

The bot supports a stop with an optional move to breakeven and trail.

The initial stop price is based on the stop multiplier.

If a trailing stop is enabled, it will start to trail once the trigger happens.

If a move to breakeven is enabled, the stop will move when the trigger happens.

The stop only moves in the direction of the trade.


  • Start Trailing Immediately On Entry
  • When Target 1 is Filled
  • When Target 2 is Filled
  • When ATR Multiplier is Touched

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