T29 SC-NT Bridge

Feature List

  • Send real time data from SC to NT
  • Works with NT7 and NT8
  • Includes a SC custom study and a bridge app
  • Sends trade, bid price, ask price and bid/ask volumes
  • Can send periodic snapshots or every tick


  • Sierra Chart version 2440 or higher
  • NT8


Quick Start

  1. Start Sierra Chart, add the "T29 RealTime Data For NT" custom to the chart and set the NT symbol in the study settings
  2. Start the bridge app
  3. Start NT, enable "At Interface (ATI)" , create and connect to the External data connection

More detail follows

Sierra Chart

  1. Start Sierra Chart
  2. Open a chart
  3. Add the "T29 RealTime Data For NT" custom study to the chart
  4. In the study settings, configure the "NT Symbol Name"

Should look something like this

The bridge app

Download the bridge zip file to your computer

Unzip to  folder that is writeable

Double click the exe file to start

Configuring NT

On the NT side, we need to do two things:

  1. Enable the "Autotmated trading interfance" (ATI)
  2. Create and connect to the External Data Feed

Enable the "Autotmated trading interfance" (ATI)

Connect to the "External" data feed connection


  • NT7 and NT8 should not be running at the same time