Trade Imbalance Gauge (Expanding Window)


The purpose of the tool is to provide a quick and visual display of the trade flow imbalance. In other words, it gives an easy to see monitor showing buying activity vs. selling activity

Expanding window



Feature Summary

  • Delta calculation windows starts at some point and updates continuously - more on this below

  • Displays buying volume and selling volume as meters

  • Displays buying vs. selling pressure as ratio or delta

  • Widget is resizable and can be on chart or detachable as a separate window

  • Supports visual settings to control colors, line widths, font size and show/hide

Basic Terminology

Buying - buyers, buying, buying pressure all refer to trades executed at the ask. In Sierra Chart this is AskVolume

Selling - sellers, selling, selling pressure all refer to trades executed at the bid. In Sierra Chart this is BidVolume

Delta - represents the amount of buying vs. the amount of selling that is happening in the market. The measure of delta is always over some time period.

Balance, imbalance and dominance - delta is a measure of the dominance between the buyers and sellers. In a perfectly balanced market, delta will be a small number around 0 and would imply that neither the buyers or sellers are in control. When delta grows either way it gives an indication of imbalance and which one is currently in control (buyers or sellers)

Setting the Calculation Window Starting Point

Right Click Menu

Right click the chart to open Sierra Chart’s context menu.

3 items related to the Trade Delta Gauge are available.

These items are prefixed with TDG:

  • Reset Window Position - in case you lose the window, use the “Reset Window Position” menu to bring the gauge back to the top left of the chart

  • Attach / Detach - detach the widget from the chart

  • Always on top - when detached, makes sure the widget is always the top most window

Visual Settings

Save Gauge Size and Position When Closing Chart - when enabled, the widget position is saved when closing the chartbook

Orientation - the gauge can be oriented in 4 different ways. Choose the one that makes most sense to you.

Period Text Enabled - enable/disable the period text at the top of the gauge (removes the title bar a the top)

Period Text Color

Meters - Buying Pressure Color, Meters - Selling Pressure Color

Gauge Text - Buying Color

Gauge Text - Selling Color

Gauge Text - Show Percent

Gauge Text - Show Volume

Gauge Text - Bold

Buying/Selling Text

Buying/Selling Text - Display Value

Buying/Selling Text - Buying Color

Buying/Selling Text - Selling Color

Buying/Selling Text - Bold

Mid Line

Mid Line Enabled, Mid Line Color, Mid Line Width Mid Line Style

Border Lines and Padding Between the Gauges

Padding - Control the amount of spacing between gauges

Border Line Color, Border Line Width