Dtc AddIn


  • Excel 365 - the AddIn makes use of some excel features that are currently only available in Excel 365
  • Sierra Chart with 2250 or higher

Not sure which Excel version you have? See here (TBD, add link)

Quick Start

  1. Start Sierra Chart
  2. In Sierra Chart, enable DTC Protocol Server with the default port (11099)
  3. Download the Excel AddIn to your computer
  4. Double click the AddIn file - this will fire up Excel and a dialog will appear asking to enable the AddIn for the current session
  5. Open a blank worksheet
  6. Enter a formula, for example: =sc.dtc.Last("EURUSD")

if all goes well at this point you should see the live data being updated.


AddIn Download and Installation

The Excel AddIn comes as an XLL file. You will need one of these depending if you have Excel 32 or 64 bit

If you are not sure which one you have, in Excel, look under File->Account->About Excel

If you are still not sure, try one of them. If you get an error, try the other

Excel User Functions

Market Data


Last Trade / Time And Sales

sc.dtc.LastTrade(symbol, include_symbol)

  • Output - DateTime, Price, Volume, BidOrAsk



sc.dtc.TimeAndSales(symbol, records)

  • Displays last x records in a table format
  • Columns include DateTime, Price, Volume, BidOrAsk

Bid/Ask Quotes (L1)

sc.dtc.BidAsk(symbol, include_symbol) – DateTime, BidPrice, BidQty, AskPrice, AskQty



Market Depth (L2)

sc.dtc.MarketDepth(symbol, levels, plot_mode) - Plot mode has two options, “vertical” or “side-by-side”


Adding sc.Debug() to your sheet


Connection issues