The solution comes as two separate downloads

  • SC Excel DTC AddIn - real time quote and trade updates, data comes from DTC and does not rely on a chart

  • SC Excel Cht AddIn - real time + historical data, data comes from a chart and is bar based

These two AddIns complement each other in terms of function and usage.

See below for more detail.

SC Excel DTC AddIn

The DTC AddIn supports real time streaming from SC to Excel. The AddIn utilizes the DTC protocol and requires that SC be setup as a DTC server.

Supports various Excel user functions for streaming data such as “Time and Sales”, “Market Depth” (also known as Order Book, Level 2), “Level 1” quotes, etc.

The AddIn does not require any charts open in Sierra Chart.

It does not provide access to any bar based data like OHLC, study subgraphs, volume, etc.

For more details on the DTC AddIn, see here: https://trade29.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SCEX/pages/135790686

SC Excel Cht AddIn

Use this AddIn to access data that is chart based. Some examples include OHLC, subgraphs and volume. This AddIn requires a chart to be open with the relevant bar periods and studies applied. In general, any subgraph can be exported to exported to Excel.

For more detail, see here: https://trade29.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SCEX/pages/135790640