T29 SierraChart-Slack




  1. Have a slack workspace

  2. Have a channel

  3. Create an app

  4. Assign Bot scopes

  5. Install app to workspace

  6. Copy your oauth key

  7. From the workspace, invite bot to the channel

  8. Add the study to a chart

  9. Set the Token

  10. Set the channel

  11. Manually send a message (for a quick test)

Step-by-step configuration example





Manually sending a message

  1. Right click the chart

  2. Click on “Send To Slack”

  3. A dialog will come up

  4. Type your message or select a preconfigured template message from the list

  5. Click “Ok”

Automated send using a signal alert

Set a reference to an alert or signal subgraph.

The subgraph can be from any source such as one of the alert studies, a spreadsheet, custom study, etc.

Automated send based on trade activity

Study supports sending a message when:

  1. A new position is opened

  2. An existing position is closed (at the end of the trade)

  3. On all position updates. In this case any any trading activity will generate a message (i.e., entering, scale-ins, scale-outs, flattening, etc)