T29 SierraChart-Discord



Manually sending a message

  1. Right click the chart

  2. Click on “Send To Discord”

  3. A dialog will come up

  4. Type your message or select a preconfigured template message from the list

  5. Click “Ok”

Automated send using a signal alert

Set a reference to an alert or signal subgraph.

The subgraph can be from any source such as one of the alert studies, a spreadsheet, custom study, etc.

Automated send based on trade activity

Study supports sending a message when:

  1. A new position is opened

  2. An existing position is closed (at the end of the trade)

  3. On all position updates. In this case any any trading activity will generate a message (i.e., entering, scale-ins, scale-outs, flattening, etc)