T29 Harmonic Rotations


Inspiration for this study is from FT71. He does an excellent video describing what Harmonic Rotations (HR) are, how they are calculated and how to interpret them. The video is well worth the watch and the following will make much more sense once you have seen it.

See here: https://vimeo.com/145456969

The study uses zigzags to find all the rotations on the chart. Study will plot the zigzag lines on the chart and calculate some statistics based on the leg sizes

The HR tools for SC include two studies:

  1. HR Market Analyze Tool - use this study to calculate rotations for a given market
  2. HR Trade Assistant - use this study while trading to view projected rotations levels


ZigZag Input Data for HighHigh
ZigZag Input Data for LowLow
ZigZag Reversal Amount UnitsPoints

User can define the reversal amount as ticks or points

ZigZag Reversal Amount1A market must make a retracement greater than 1 point in order for the previous leg to get set in place and a new leg to form
Start Time00:00:00
End Time00:00:00
CSV Export File Nameharmonic_rotation_zz.csvFile is saved to SC data folder
Text ColorMagenta
Text Size11

Basic Stats

The stats below are created using all the zigzag legs on the chart (filtered by time).

  1. Total Count
  2. Mean - the average rotation size
  3. Median - the mid size rotation, where 50% of the rotations are greater, 50% are smaller - good for looking at data with outliers
  4. Mode - the more common rotation size
  5. Max
  6. Min

We plot the above in the upper left hand side of the chart values

Frequency Distribution

Study will create a frequency distribution of the leg sizes

In other words, the study will create a table that that has two columns:

  1. Leg size (in ticks/points)
  2. The number of legs for each size

Distribution can be exported as csv file (see below).

Right Click Menu Options

Right clicking the chart opens a menu where the study adds options.

Right Click "Show Frequency Distribution"

Menu name "Harmonic Rotation ZZ Show Histogram"

Right Click "Export"

Menu name "Harmonic Rotation ZZ Export"

Writes the frequency distribution table to csv file