Trade Delta Gauge Release Notes


  • Trade Imbalance Gauge (Resettable) - new

  • Visual enhancements, added more data to the gauge

The dll now has 3 studies

  • Trade Delta Gauge - this is the original. We will no longer be updating this study

  • Trade Imbalance Gauge (Expanding Window)

  • Trade Imbalance Gauge (Rolling Window)

The original included expanding and rolling modes. Though they have some similarities, we have split it into two separate studies as it makes is easier for each of them to progress on it’s own without depending on the other. Perhaps at some later date we will merge them back.

The original study will remain in the dll.

Trade Imbalance Gauge (Resettable)

The resettable version is used when you want to cumulate the delta from a certain point in time and continue from there indefinitely

There are 4 options to set the starting point by or in other words to reset the gauge:

  • Automatically at the start of a new bar - a study setting

  • Automatically at the start of a new position - a study setting

  • Manually on demand by double click will force an immediate reset and start from here

  • Right click any bar to start from that bar

Visual enhancements, added more data to the gauge

Version 108, 2023-08-17

  • Trade Imbalance Gauge (Rolling Window) - added support for bar based delta

  • Trade Imbalance Gauge (Rolling Window) - performance optimizations to better support longer lookback periods when using seconds and trade lookbacks


Version 107, 2023-08-13

Trade Imbalance Gauge (Rolling Window) - new study added to the dll

  • Group multiple gauges into one window

  • Control the amount of padding between gauges (see example below with padding set to zero)

  • Enable/disable the period text at the top of the gauge (removes the title bar a the top)

  • Control the width of each gauge - enter a list of %'s or leave empty if you just want them to all be the same


Version 106, 2023-08-07

Save Gauge Size and Position om When Closing Chartbook

When enabled, the gauge position on the chart and the size will be remembered for next time


“Reset Window Position” - in case you lose the window, use the “Reset Window Position” menu to bring the gauge back to the top left of the chart


Add Mid Line



Version 105, 2023-07-27

Horizonal and vertical location settings


Gauge Text - Color, split into 2 settings, buyers and sellers

Buying/Selling text, add support for delta and ratio

Detach gauge widget, keep on top

Right click and select Detach to pop the window out as a separate window.

“Always On Top” in detached mode, will make sure that the widget remains on top of any other windows